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Recipes from the Road | Montana

By Laura Reyes I was curious about the allure of Montana. I was curious how ranch land met the wild mountains that drew hunters, writers, and outdoor enthusiasts. I was

Wild Alaska Inspired Me to Change My Business

by Laura Reyes David Bowie isn’t the only one singing about changes. My first trip to Alaska inspired me to shift my business. That seems a dramatic statement, but such

Revisioning Creative Blocks

    I spend a lot of time in formlessness while creating. I have transformed my relationship with the blank canvas so that I do not from feel so overwhelmed


  This is the first in an informal series of writings about the intersection between making art and travel. I am slowly returning to daily life after leaving Alaska. Likewise,

Travel Art Supplies

      I am packing to travel to Alaska this week and I thought I would share what art supplies I am bringing. My goal is to fit all

Intuitive Painting

I was at a crossroads when intuitive painting came into my life. At that time my father had unexpectedly died. In response, I packed up and moved closer to my